Events and Services

Ballistic Fireworks are professionals in enhancing your event. We have years of experience working with event promoters and organisers in developing a plan to make the event memorable. We provide the ‘Wow’ factor that will help stick your event in the mind of your patrons and make them remember it for years to come!
Fireworks or Special effects could be the missing ingredient in your event. Whether it’s an outdoor display or effects to enhance a performance, Ballistic Fireworks will have you covered. A fireworks display can assist in drawing a big crowd to your event, provide the perfect finale and finishing touch. Speak to one of our technicians today about how Ballistic Fireworks could help you with your next event!
We cater for events Big and Small, providing a safe and reliable professional service to all events. Whether it is an Outdoor Display, Indoor Display or Special FX, Ballistic Fireworks will deliver a spectacular result.
Examples of some of the events we cover are

  • Shows
  • Conventions
  • Weddings
  • Pageants
  • Christmas Events
  • New Years Celebrations
  • Product Launches
  • Religious Festivities
  • Private Functions
  • School Events
  • Concerts/ Stage Performances
This covers just a small sample of the events Ballistic Fireworks are involved in, so don’t hesitate to call us and discuss your event details with us, our easy going staff will work with you to tailor a display to your needs and help you go Ballistic at your next event!

You may have already seen us at work
Indoor/Stadium Events such as,

- Motley Crue
- P!nk
- Katy Perry
- The Rolling Stones
- Disney on Ice

Outdoor Events such as,

- Barmera Christmas Pageant
- Renmark Christmas and NYE
- Victor Harbour NYE Celebration
- Whyalla Steel City Drags
- Port Augusta Wharfest
- Keith Show
- Weddings
- Country Shows and Fetes
Types of events we cater for

Outdoor Fireworks

Ballistic Fireworks are an experienced team of people that work together to create breathtaking spectacles. We have a long history of participation in many of South Australia’s biggest events, everything from Australia day celebrations, Christmas and New years displays.

The process begins when you consult one of our pyrotechnician’s, we will work through a plan with you , that involves a site assessment, colour scheme, budget and safety considerations. We will work with you through to show day, our experienced team will help determine the suitability of the site and discuss the possibility of involving existing structures, landmarks and waterways. The Ballistic team will then design the display to suit, completing all the regulatory paperwork and management requirements of the display.

An outdoor show can be a small display that is manually fired, effectively putting that finishing touch on your event and giving it a grand conclusion, or it could be a computer controlled grand spectacle utilising multiple firing points, musical choreography and layered effects. Not only does it provide a spectacular display but will also bring you unprecedented coverage across social, print and television media platforms.


Is your event on or near water? Ballistic Fireworks are specialist in conducting water based fireworks displays. Our home in the Riverland has provided us with plenty of opportunities to perfect displays over water, we have our own travelling firing pontoon which we can bring to you and leave your audience stunned.

There are many benefits in conducting displays over water, including a variety of effects that cannot be used anywhere else. Water based displays are absolutely picturesque with reflections of bright colour enhancing what is already a spectacular show!

Our wireless firing capacity also allows us to conduct shows from multiple barges and firing points, leaving your audience in awe as we conduct synchronized displays along the length of a water body. The flexibility and variety that using a water base provides could be the difference that separates your event from rest!

So if you have a show near water, why not give us a call and see what our experienced pyrotechnician’s can do for you!

Special FX / Close Proximity Fireworks

Ballistic Fireworks are fully licensed indoor pyrotechnician’s, we can use the finest quality close proximity effects to enhance any event. Close proximity fireworks are effects that can be used on and around stages, concerts and performers safely, we will work through the process from start to finish, organising and coordinating with venues, show managers, logistical management and display design, wether that is a one off corporate launch or private party, to repeated concert spectaculars. We have experience working backstage on some of the world’s biggest touring acts and our professionalism will shine through at your event.

Our ability to provide a wide range of products enables us to meet all your requirements, anything from smoke effects, tinsel, confetti, to grand sparkling fountains and flames. Ballistic can design a show to suit your venue, budget and colour scheme. We source our close proximity products from the USA and Ballistic fireworks can guarantee that safety is paramount at your event; we provide a dazzling spectacle in a controlled environment, leaving your crowd in awe.


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